A place for my thinky thoughts…

I started this blog when my congregation began the process (can’t call it a dialog or discernment because thus far it has been nothing but a unilateral steamrolling) to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

I made the conscious decision to join the ELCA after being raised in the more conservative Missouri Synod. I needed a church that embraced my values.

So what are my values…

I’m a Thirtysomething (okay, I give. I’m almost 40) full-time physician, wife and mother of two girls and a Reconciling Lutheran. I embrace progressive politics. I believe in reproductive rights,  health care reform and support GLBTQ rights. I strongly believe in Social Justice. I am pro-science and believe in evolution. And I’m thrilled to death the NFL is finally modifying that abomination known as Sudden Death Overtime.

And most importantly, I firmly believe that these liberal values can be Christian values. No one political party controls Christianity–or any other religion for that matter.

The Christian experience should be a dialog, and I hope that this blog can be a source for such conversation.